What Clients Are Saying About DB & Associates


"It's a really incredible time to be working in television."

"DB is hands down the very best broadcast journalist agent I have ever worked with."

"DB is a mentor who provides unparalleled advice & guidance."

"DB always puts his clients first."

"Always impressed with DB's quick responses & great connections."

"DB goes above & beyond for his clients which separates him from other agents."

"DB cares about me professionally and personally."

"DB is very loyal & has incredible integrity."

"DB will relentlessly work for you and he'll always be straight forward with you."

"DB has the personal touch with his clients."

"An incredible Agent and an incredible friend."

"With DB it's a true partnership & great friendship."

"Anyone who has DB for an agent is in great hands."

"I sincerely & wholeheartedly recommend DB."

"DB is able to finesse negotiations to get the best result for both client and station."